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Shri. Leo Muthu Merit Scholarship

Rewarding talent!

Leo Muthu Merit Scholarship
Leo Muthu Merit Scholarship

Leo Muthu Merit Scholarship is an initiative of Sairam Institutions being instituted this academic year in memory of our beloved Founder Chairman Shri MJF.Lion.Leo Muthu. The Scholarship will be awarded to meritorious students who have performed exceptionally well in the +2 examinations. The following is the details of the criteria and scholarship amounts for students securing admissions to Sri Sairam Engineering College and Sri Sairam Institute of Technology through the TNEA Counselling:

Marks in +2 (Maths, Physics & Chemistry) Scholarship Amount
State Board - Centum in all subjects Rs.1,00,000/-
State Board - Centum in any 2 subjects Rs.50,000/-
State Board - Centum in 1 subject & Total 585+ Rs.25,000/-
State Board - PCM with total 580 & above Rs.10,000/-
State Board - PCM with total 570 to 579 Rs.5,000/-
CBSE - Physics, Chemistry & Maths with 290 & above Rs.50,000/-
CBSE - Physics, Chemistry & Maths with 285 to 289 Rs.25,000/-
CBSE - Physics, Chemistry & Maths with 275 to 284 Rs.10,000/-

In addition to this newly introduced scholarship for First year students, the college has been offering merit scholarships to top performing students of the college for the past several years. Till date scholarships worth more than Rs.5 crores have been awarded to the students based on the following criteria:

Marks CGPA Scholarship Amount
85% to 87% 8.76 - 8.99 Rs.5,000/-
87% to 90% 9.00 - 9.24 Rs.10,000/-
90% and above 9.25 & above 1 year full tuition fee waiver

Last academic year more than 600 students benefitted from the Scholarship programme. Besides the Merit scholarship Programme, the college has also been offering free engineering education to several students who have been selected by various Social service organizations like Agaram Foundation, Matram Foundation, Aram Foundation and through popular talk show “Makkal Arangam”. We have also been offering 100% free education to Srilankan Tamil refugees at several of our group institutions.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in various co-curricular activities beyond academics and the college passionately supports such initiatives. The college management bears 50% of the entire expenses of Students who have been selected to present papers at International conferences held outside India. Last academic year, as many as 37 students attended such conferences held in other countries.